Making your way through the post-election uncertainty

November 5, 2020


To:  All Students

Fr: Division of Student Affairs and Success

Re: Making your way through the post-election uncertainty


Dear Students, 

The outcome of the presidential race is still unclear, and many people in our community are feeling the effects.

I write to remind you that we are here to support you. The campus, the faculty, and Division Student Affairs and Success are all focused on your needs and on finding ways to help you get through this uncertain period and thrive beyond it.

The events happening nationally and all around us right now are testing our abilities to cope as individuals, and we know that on top of your studies, many of you also have responsibilities outside of UCSC – as caregivers, partners, parents, and other important roles. I urge you to take care of yourselves during this time, and engage resources that support your mental health and well-being. I also encourage you to learn more about current services offered through Counseling and Psychological Services.

There are a number of wellness events that are planned (or are being planned) to facilitate spaces for gathering in community together as we navigate these challenging times. There are two upcoming experiences that I’d like to highlight. The first is an upcoming Guided Meditation with UMI presented by the Quarry Amphitheater Production Academy on November 12, 2020 at 6:00 pm. Registration is required. The second event is a concert with UMI on December 4, 2020. More details are coming soon via campus messages and social media. 

Finally, please consider bookmarking UCSC 2020 Election Events Resources and check there regularly for updates on campus services and post-election events.  

Remember that you are not alone during this time; we are here to support you.


In solidarity,

Jennifer Baszile

Interim Vice Chancellor

Student Affairs and Success