Divisional Priorities

Prior to the 2022-2023 academic year, divisional leadership engaged in a series of intentional conversations about the foundational underpinnings of our work. Ultimately, through these conversations, the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Success identified three essential priorities to guide the division's work: student-centered decision making, equity and inclusion, and innovation

These three divisional priorities are the north star of our division’s work this year–guiding the division in matters large and small, through decisions simple and complex, and during moments of trouble and triumph.  

Student-centered decision making

Students are the reason for our work. Supporting their success is paramount to the programs we offer, the events we host, the resources we share, and the initiatives we lead. Student-centered decision-making does not yield to students’ wants, preferences, and comforts at all turns. Rather, it securely roots itself in the vast understanding of student development and, when necessary, challenges and supports students as they journey through the uncomfortable and uncertain. If an existing program, initiative, or resource is not student-centered, it must be thoroughly evaluated and redesigned to ensure students’ best interests are at the heart of its mission or purpose. Student well-being and development will be at the core of all our decisions.

Equity and Inclusion

As we strive to uphold UC Santa Cruz’s Principles of Community, our division commits to pushing the boundaries of equity and justice in all the little and big ways. We will be fierce advocates for marginalized students and will champion access to equitable UCSC experiences for all. We will evaluate and assess our systems, processes, and programs to break down barriers that may otherwise exclude student engagement. We will maintain a critical and discerning lookout for injustice on campus, in the Santa Cruz community, and around the world beyond. Where we witness injustice, we will interrupt, intervene, and insist on change. We will use our power–and our positions–to curtail the perils of prejudice.


Our capacity to support students is strengthened by our curiosity for what could be and our courage to pursue possibilities through new and innovative approaches to our work. Motivated by the vast potential of tomorrow, we are committed to overcoming the limits of today. We recognize failure is part of this journey and welcome its many teachings and opportunities for growth. Undeterred, we resolve to try, try again, and try anew. Compelled by the transformative potential of our work, we are ambassadors for change and visionaries of possibility. By acting boldly and thinking creatively, we will lead the division–and our campus–into the future.