Who We Are

we are an equity minded organization

We strive to be an organization that:

  • Is mission-driven with clear indicators for evaluating student success;

  • Is open and transparent and committed to assessment of its practices. To this end, we support collaborative and rigorous research, evaluation and meeting goals that are understandable and action-oriented;

  • Supports an organizational culture that strikes a balance between doing everything and being intentional and strategic, taking on only what we can successfully accomplish;

  • Consists of equity-minded professionals committed to social justice and disrupting social/educational reproduction patterns that limit student success;

  • Embraces inclusivity, diversity, health, and well-being as critical factors to our own team’s success;

  • Encourages work-life wellness, and supports staff professional growth and development;

  • Recognizes there are aspects of student success that are largely out of the Division’s control (e.g., admissions criteria, financial aid, housing, student debt) and, therefore, strives to reach across silos, build strong partnerships, establish resilient relationships, and work collectively to serve the best interests of our students;

  • Establishes an effective feedback loop, evaluating student success in small and large ways, with short- and long-term projects, requiring flexibility, efficiency, adaptability, and being nimble;

  • Engages with the broader field of Higher Education and our specific areas of expertise to stay apprised of best practices, stay current with training and certifications, and to share our successful processes with peer institutions.

We are a team that:

  • Connects research to practice, involving students, staff, and faculty in development of a taxonomy of collaborative research and engaged scholarship.

  • Model best practices, provide leadership, serves as a hub, and is known campus-wide as a resource (i.e, “the place to go”) for student success.

  • Serves as a bridge between faculty, students, and staff (including the Faculty Senate and Administrative Leadership Team).

  • Stewards resources, working effectively, and efficiently with what we have to support student success.

See our mission and vision. See our staff organizational chart.