Our Strategic Plan


A call to action and purpose

In February 2023, Vice Chancellor Akirah Bradley-Armstrong announced the launch of a division-wide strategic plan process. In her announcement, she shared her vision for the planning process:

"This process—which will invite all team members, stakeholders, and students to participate—will help us not only better understand who we are, but will guide us towards our full potential.A call to be open and honest, this is a chance to redefine the work we do and the way we do it. An invitation to innovate, it’s a chance to consider what could be, ascertain what needs to be, and boldly create what should be. More than anything, our strategic planning process is an opportunity to envision a bright future for our division and a transformative education for the students we serve. Charting our course for the next five years, we will look to our strategic plan as our north star. Our guiding light for best practice, optimal operation, and student-centered decision-making, our strategic plan will be the foundation for all that we do."


Phase 1: Strategic Ideation (February 2023 - August 2023)

During Phase 1, divisional team members engaged in various exercises and provided both feedback about current divisional efforts and dreams of what would be. This feedback was collected in several ways, including at the fall DSAS staff kickoff in August 2023.

Phase 2: Strategic Build (August 2023 - March 2024)

After the kickoff, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Success formed a Strategic Plan Planning Committee and charged committee members with reviewing all feedback and using that feedback to develop the strategic plan's initiatives. The Strategic Plan Planning team met several times during fall and winter quarters. By mid-winter 2023, the 22-member team completed their task and submitted 12 strategic plan initiatives to the Vice Chancellor. Identifying these 12 initiatives signaled the end of Phase 1. 

Phase 3: Strategic Action (beginning April 2024 through actualization)

On Friday, May 24, Vice Chancellor Akirah Bradley-Armstrong announced the official start of phase 3 with the launch of the first strategic initiative: operational excellence. 

To learn more about operational excellence and how the DSAS executive council is looking forward to its implementation, watch this launch video.

Committee members

Dani Barker, Co-Chair
Lucy Rojas, Co-Chair
Aimee Mangan
Amy Chavez
Arlan Mendiola
Bridge Kennedy
Carlos Perez
Frank Dang
Jade Dickerson
Jessica Rashid
Laura Gaskill
Lenora Willis
Mackenzi Rauls
Maddie Lee
Meg Kan
Peter Reed
Sara Radoff
Sarah Woodside Bury
Sharon Castro
Suhayl Awad
Tim Samuel