Resources for Students


After Care [Self] Practices

Created by: Michelle Hernandez, Annika Duquet, and NormaAlicia Pino

The need for self care is critical, especially during upsetting or harmful acts such as a Zoom bombing. Experiencing a hate/bias incident can lead to a variety of emotions, all of which are valid and which impact each individual in unique ways. To learn more about self care in the wake of these kinds of incidents you can click here to access a resource compiled by UCSC students and staff.

Unlonely Slugs Art and Healing

Group Drumming and Slug Wellness Collective

Join UCSC students, faculty, and staff for a series of relaxed and engaging events that feature creativity and conversation around how to stay socially connected and healthy using the arts.

These events highlight rythym, movement, and play to help provide positive self-care techniques, peer connections, mental health awareness, and creative collaboration through drumming. Invite a friend or two to broaden our community and don't miss these events! Learn more here.


Resources For Recovery - Slug Support

Reach out to Slug Support if you are struggling with basic needs, have questions about support networks, or are facing any kind of challenge or financial hardship.


Resources For Recovery - Slug Tech

Reach out to Slug Tech if you need assistance with technology or internet access while you are learning remotely.


Resources For Recovery - Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is offering both in-person and telehalth services during remote instruction and learning.


Resources For Recovery - CAPS (Mental Health)

CAPS offers counseling, case management services, support groups, workshops, and psychiatry servcies all remotely.


Alternatives to Gathering

Check out this resource to learn more about alternatives to gathering in person and how to stay connected to other slugs.


Remote Meeting Tips For Students

This resource provides ideas for how to prepare for remote meetings as you navigate UCSC.