Hosted out of the Student Affairs and Success divisional office, UCSC Slugcast is a way for students to learn more about campus resources, services, and student stories no matter where they are. Join our team of student podcasters every week to hear interviews, stories, and tips for success about life at UCSC.

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Meet The Podcasters!



Hi, I’m Diego. I’m a first-year, Cognitive Science major, and I’m currently attending UCSC from the SoCal area.
I love being at the beach, whether I’m playing Spikeball or riding a Skimboard. As a member of the Slugcast, I’m ready to make engaging, entertaining podcasts for my fellow Banana Slugs.

Savannah Hallgarth


My name is Savannah, I’m from the East Bay, and I’m a Junior majoring in History and Cognitive Science. I love painting and rollerskating, and I am a member of the UCSC Sailing Team. My favorite fruit is a mango and my favorite animal is a jellyfish! I am currently living in Santa Cruz, and I am super stoked to be making podcasts for UCSC students.



Hey guys! I’m Marian, and I’m a fourth year Studio Arts major and History of Arts and Visual Culture minor. I’m from the SoCal area, but I’m currently in Santa Cruz, so if you catch me around don’t be afraid to say hey!
Aside from making art with people, I love playing guitar and jam seshes, gardening, exploring new spots and camping, and skating. One of my favorite films is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and one of my favorite artists is Yayoi Kusama. I’m super stoked for this podcast and bringing our student community closer together!

Cynthia Ordonez


Hey everyone, my name is Cynthia! I am a third-year transfer student and I’m from the Los Angeles area. I love anime, playing tennis, drawing, and sewing all kinds of crafts! My favorite music artists are Coldplay and the Sneaker Pimps. I was born and raised in Guatemala, Central America, but I’ve been living in Los Angeles for the past 12 years. I’m really excited to make podcasts for ya’ll, and I hope I can bring you good vibes wherever you may be!

Maya Scott Navarrete


Hiya, I’m Maya! I’m a fourth year originally from Sacramento, studying film production and environmental studies. When I’m not at West Cliff or grabbing tacos, you can find me tending to my houseplants or sewing while listening to a true crime podcast, of course. I’m incredibly passionate about storytelling, from creative writing to film to journalism. I love meeting new people and animals. I’m excited to share some very cool stories and details about our unique university with you all!



Hi! I’m Sharan and I am a first-year, Literature major. I’m from the Bay Area, specifically more East Bay. I really love reading, writing, listening to music, acting, playing tennis, and exploring cool places with my friends. I’d say my favorite book is Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palvaniuk. Here at UCSC I’m a member of GPhi, and I volunteer at KZSC and CARE. I’m super excited to make podcasts, and I hope everyone enjoys listening to them.



Hello! My name is Isabella and I am a third year Environmental Studies student concentrating in Agroecology. I’m taking classes from Santa Cruz, but I came to study at UCSC from North Carolina. I enjoy reading, swimming in the ocean, exploring nature, gardening, and playing music. Uzumaki by Junji Ito has been my favorite read recently, and I program shows for KZSC from playlists I’ve been curating since 2017. I’m excited to start creating podcasts for other Slugs who enjoy taking in sound bites!