Resources for finals: services and support systems to help you navigate the end of the quarter successfully

Finals week for fall quarter begins Monday, Dec. 5 and continues through Friday, Dec. 9. Finals week—and leading up to it—can be stressful for many students as they work to finish projects and papers and prepare for exams. 

The Division of Student Affairs and Success offers many resources to help students successfully navigate their time at UC Santa Cruz. Several of these resources may be particularly helpful to students as they prepare for their finals. Here are a few:

Resources for Mental Health Support

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): CAPS provides UCSC students with a wide range of mental health and wellness services. Counseling services are available for any registered UCSC student and are confidential. 

The Black Girl Doctor: The Black Girl Doctor is a free virtual mental health practice focusing on supporting students' pursuit of academic success, career satisfaction, joy, and happiness. Additionally, all providers have specialty knowledge in responding to the unique challenges faced by Black communities. 

Therapy Assistance Online: Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) includes over 150 brief, effective, educational sessions covering over 50 common topics and skills related to mental health, wellness, and substance-use issues. TAO includes interactive sessions, mindfulness exercises, and practice tools all aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

Resources for Basic Needs

Slug Support: Slug Support, through connection with case managers, offers students support in resolving a number of concerns including basic needs help, mental health support, and/or guidance about how to communicate with your instructors about your needs if you are affected by personal matters, world events, or other issues.

Redwood Free Market: Redwood Free Market is a choice-based, no-limits food pantry available to all students. Redwood Free Market will continue distributing food throughout finals week.  

Resources for Academic Support

Slug Success: Slug Success is an online platform that allows students to contact and make appointments with their academic advisers, connect with student success staff, and access other university support services. Using the Study Buddies function, students can even start or join a study group with other students from their classes. Students should use Slug Success to stay connected with their academic support team of advisers, faculty, and campus resources.

Learning Support Services: Learning Support Services (LSS) can be a valuable resource for students struggling to grasp key concepts, keep up with course material, or earn the grades they desire. LSS offers academic support and can help students connect with tutors, mentors, supplemental instruction learning assistants, student office assistants, and professional staff.