The First Generation College Journey's Project Needs your Help

Are You a First Generation Student?
Are You a First Generation Student?
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Do you want to earn $10 for participating in our research project?

We are looking for first generation college students-students whose parents' didn't graduate from a 4-year college/university-to participate in a study of your experiences at UCSC. 

The study-My First Generation College Journey--was approved by the Institutional Review Board and has the number UCSC HS2912.  

If you decide to participate, you would come to our lab in the Psychology Department, 241 Social Sciences 2, and take an online survey.  Because we are also interested in measuring participants' stress level and health, we will ask you for a saliva sample (to measure cortisol, a stress hormone) and you're your blood pressure before and after you take the survey.   All the information you provide is confidential and your name will never be used in any reports of the study.

The study session lasts 50-60 minutes and takes place at noon because that is the best time to measure your stress levels.

If interested, please contact the project director, Professor 

Margarita Azmitia or 8314593146.