Resource Centers' Statement to our Community in these Difficult Times

March 19, 2020

We at the UCSC Resources Centers want to assure students that we are here for you. The Ethnic Resource Centers, Cantú Queer Center, and Women’s Center will be closed due to the county-wide Shelter in Place order and campus directive until further notice. However, all of our staff members are working remotely and available by phone, email and video conferencing. We recognize that there are many messages coming to your inbox, and the rapid changes at UCSC can be overwhelming during an already stressful time while studying for finals. We want to offer some words of encouragement. 

Community is more than physical proximity and geographic location.

Community is a feeling, and Resource Center staff seek to keep our community strong. We recognize the challenges that have come with recent UCSC guidelines to finish winter quarter online, return home if possible, take online courses in the spring quarter and to cancel or postpone events and gatherings. However, our work is about creating spaces for students to find community, and the RC team has already begun to think of creative ways to re-envision programs, and meet our mission to provide opportunities for community connection to feel close with one another.

Stay connected. Reach out & ask for help.

Let’s reframe “social distancing” to “physical distancing”. We encourage you to stay connected virtually. Connect with us by phone, email and video conferencing. Connect with our communities through social media, as we will use those mediums to share information and host virtual events. Mental and physical health is so important during these times of stress, please  reach out. It’s okay to need help, and it’s okay to ask for help. Below are some services that will continue to be operational during this time. We encourage you to utilize them to help combat feelings of isolation. And as collaborative partners, we welcome students to share ideas and feedback on ways to support you and your peers during this time.

During this unprecedented time, the Resource Centers are mindful of university safety measures, and prioritizing the health and safety of our communities. At the same time, staff remain committed to providing you with the things we most need right now: comfort, kindness, laughter and (virtual) time together. 

Our communities are strong. We are resilient. We will work through all of these changes together.


Nancy I. Kim, Resource Centers Executive Director

Cameron de León, Office Manager,

Ethnic Resource Centers

FB: @ucsc.erc

IG: @ucsc.erc

African American Resource and Cultural Center

Shonté Thomas, Director

Dr. Aaron Jones, Associate Director,

IG: @ucsc_aarcc


American Indian Resource Center

Dr. Rebecca Hernandez, Director

Jemzi Ortiz, Program Coordinator

IG: @aircucsc


Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center

Caz Salamanca, Director

Collette Quach, Program Coordinator,

FB: @aapirc

IG: @aapirc_ucsc

Tik Tok: @ucsc_aapirc

EL CENTRO: Chicanx Latinx Resource Center

Dr. Judith Estrada, Director

Carlos Gutierrez, Program Coordinator 

IG: El Centro: @elcentro_ucsc

Lionel Cantú Queer Resource Center

Travis S. Becker, Director

Ky Borunda, He/Him, Trans Education Specialist

IG: @cantuqueercenter

Women’s Center

Colleen Rice, Director

Roxanna Diaz, Program Coordinator 

IG: @ucsc.women


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