Welcome to UC Santa Cruz

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz! We're the Division of Student Affairs and Success

February 24, 2022

Welcome, admitted students! Congratulations on your admission to UC Santa Cruz! As you consider attending UCSC, we want to introduce you to the Division of Student Affairs and Success. 

The Division of Student Affairs and Success supports students through numerous resources and engagement opportunities. We care about you as a whole person - which means not just your grades, but how you are thriving and living inside and outside of the classroom. 

We run the Slug Mentor Network, which connects newer students with more experienced students. Building relationships with other students not only helps you learn more about campus but it also helps you feel a greater sense of belonging to the vibrant Slug community.

Our many campus resources centers, including the ethnic resource centers, Womxn’s Center, and the Lionel Cantú Queer Center are incredible places to find community, build a network, and find new ways to engage on campus.

We support the dedicated student leaders in the Student Union Assembly as they work to advocate at campus, local and national levels to make the changes that students need. At SOAR, we support the many student organizations that comprise a major part of the thriving student community here at UC Santa Cruz.

We have a team of mental health professionals and peers supporting students that are having a tough time psychologically, no matter the reason. Their services range from one-on-one counseling, to support groups, and peer education. 

Our dedicated case managers in Slug Support are here for when the problems are piling up and it's time to get some extra help. They can help you connect with other resources, and even provide direct financial support and basic needs, like food. 

There is something for everyone at UC Santa Cruz. We encourage you to explore our many resources further. As you do, we hope you will feel like the Banana Slug life is right for you.

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