A Framework For Success

Our current and planned student success initiatives are intended to improve graduation rates and time to degree for all students, while particularly focusing on underserved students, and they are grounded in best-practice research.

In order to achieve meaningful change in student success, efforts must occur at all levels of university activities. Student success is not only an individual responsibilty of students; campus policies, processes, climate, and resources available to students--particularly the ones at highest risk--play a large role in student success. The initiatives of the various levels are mutually reinforcing and must be carefully coordinated for broad success.

Examples of Current and New/Planned Initiatives at UCSC

Student Level Initiatives

College Transition Collaborative

Summer Academies

Navigating the Research University Course

Academic and Academic Support Settings

Maximizing Achievement through Preparedness and Advising (MAPA)

Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP)

Learning Support Services

Services for Transfer & Re-Entry Students (STARS)

Resource Centers

Undergraduate Research Office

Divisions, Colleges, and Departments

Student Success Evaluation & Research Center

Residential Colleges

Academic Advising

Early Major Advising & Declaration

Major Preparation for Transfer Students

Major Level Reports

3-Year Degrees Using Summer Session

Pared-Down Degree Programs

Adaptive Learning in Math (ALEKS)

Flipping Intro Courses in Biology, Chemistry, & Physics

Community-Based Learning

UC Santa Cruz Campus

Slug Success Case Management System for Advising and Academic Support Services

Early Alert System

Predictive Analytics

Student Exit Survey

Hispanic Serving Institution Designation

Diversity Training for Staff & Faculty

UC System and Community

UCOP Funding to Support Student Success Efforts

Santa Cruz County College Commitment: 7th Grade College & Career Summit

 For more information about student success at UCSC, read the draft "Student Success Strategic Plan" here.