Election Dates: 5/11/20-5/20/20

Background on Measure 75

The Division of Student Success has the opportunity to be a part of the Kresge College Renovation project. The Division is excited at the prospect of securing permanent space for students whose personal, academic or financial circumstances are barriers to academic success at UC Santa Cruz. The Student Success Services Hub at Kresge College would secure permanent space for the following critical student services and programs: Slug Support, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and the COVE.

The $25.00 Student Success Hub Fee would create 5,500 square feet of newly renovated, permanent, space for these programs:


Yes on 75! Listen to some Slugs tell their story!

What is Measure 75 about? What is the vision for this new Hub at Kresge? Liam, a graduating senior, explains! 

How has the Cove impacted students at UCSC? Maya, a grad student, explains the impact on her! 

How has the Cove impacted students at UCSC? Ryan, a senior, explains the impact on him! 

Yes on 75! Hear directly from UCSC students! 

Yes on 75! The Goals of a Student Success Hub



Yes on 75! 

Check out this snapshot of what our vision for all future slugs will be if Measure 75 passes!



Student Success Hub Overview 

Check out our slide presentation provided to all College Senates, SUA, SFAC, and the GSA. Get your questions answered in less than 5 mins!  


Yes on 75!

Do you know how many students access The Cove, Slug Support, Food Pantry, and CAPS each year? The number might surprise you! 



Yes on 75! How does this support Graduate Students? 

What kind of services do Slug Support, Food Pantry, CAPS and The Cove provide Graduate Students? Click here!!  



Yes on 75! Student Fees - Real Talk 

Student fees are costly. At private universities, they are all folded into the high tuition. In public universities, students vote on what is important to them!



YES on 75! A Student Success Hub is Trauma-Informed 

Mental Health, Food Insecurity, Substance Use/Misuse are ALL stigmatized issues. A hub model makes sense… 



Yes on 75! The demand for services at CAPS increases every year 

When we look at UC wide data (of all ten campuses), UCSC’s mental health support needs are some of the highest.yes-on-75-caps.png


Yes on 75! Slug Support during COVID 

Slug Support never rests! Check out what they are doing for UCSC students in the middle of this pandemic. 



Yes on 75! Cove Support during COVID

Cove never rests! Check out what they are doing for UCSC students in the middle of this pandemic.
Yes on 75! CAPS Support during COVID  
CAPS never rests! Check out what they are doing for UCSC students in the middle of this pandemic.


UCSC Food Insecurity Reports 

Food insecurity is a real issue for Slugs. Two reports were completed (undergrad and grad) in 2018 that tells an important story.

UCSC Undergraduate Food Insecurity Report

UCSC Graduate Food Insecurity Report