Background on Measure 72

 The Division of Student Success has the opportunity to be a part of the Kresge College Renovation project. The Division is excited at the prospect of securing permanent space for students whose personal, academic or financial circumstances are barriers to academic success at UC Santa Cruz. The Student Success Services Hub at Kresge College would secure permanent space for the following critical student services and programs: Slug Support, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and the COVE.

The $23.90 Student Success Hub Fee would create 5,500 square feet of newly renovated, permanent, space for these programs:


Slug Support Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

The Cove

  • Promotes early intervention for students experiencing personal, academic or financial circumstances that often escalate into a crisis
  • Services offered mitigate the impacts of crisis when it occurs













  • Offers a wide array of free mental health services including:
    • Brief individual therapy
    • psychiatry 
    • Crisis services
    • Group counseling 
    • Workshops
    • Self-help
    • Referrals
    • Case management
    • Peer Support











  • Provides community and support for students that are committed to their recovery from alcohol and/or other drugs, are the loved one of someone with an addiction, who want to support those in recovery, are interested in recovery, or just want to meet other students who are substance-free and looking for a community
  • Services include:
    • Support meetings
    • Counseling and coaching resources
    • Health and wellness services
    • Social activities
    • Networking
    • Mentoring

Proposed Space/Improvements

  • Permanent food pantry
  • Demonstration kitchen that can be used by students
  • Private offices for case managers to meet with students
  • Workspace for student interns who lead CalFresh enrollment and basic needs awareness programs

  • 8 new permanent offices for CAPS therapists
  • Space for group counseling and student wellness
  • Individual therapy offices 







  • Permanent space at Kresge for students in recovery or considering a change in their relationship to alcohol and/or drugs to feel safe and secure
  • Allow the COVE to continue developing programs and services to adequately support students




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