STEM Success Class Targeting 1st & 2nd Year Students

Many students planning to major in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields arrive at college underprepared for these courses: their high school education was inadequate, they are undersocialized to the rigors and requirements  of college life, and may be confronted with new materials they have never seen before.

This two-unit, STEM class, entitled “Strategies to Jumpstart your STEM Learning,” was developed with the student success funds and designed to address this problem by introducing, supplementing, and expanding students' existing repertoire of science/math problem-solving skills.

Materials covered in the class complement other (STEM) class materials, helping to maximize student performance in those courses and, more importantly, aid in development of the student as a confident learner and better prepared scholar in their major and their discipline (e.g., chemistry, biology, math, physics, and engineering). This project aimed, in particular, at underrepresented frosh and sophomores with cumulative GPAs below 2.4, although it is open to others if space allowed.

In Winter and Spring quarters 2017, Rachel Carson College (RCC) offered 9 sections of the STEM Success class, serving 140 students. The course is now a regular offering of RCC, with 2 sections in Fall 2017 and, with funding from RCC, MEP and SEMILLA, 3 sections in Winter and Spring 2018.  These courses are open to students from all colleges after priority enrollment is over.

Lead Contact Name: Ronnie Lipschutz, Stella Hein
Lead Contact Email:,
Theme: Transforming Classroom Pedagogy