Pedagogical Training to Improve Course Outcomes for ELWR, Composition 1 and Composition 2

With these funds, we offered three professional development workshops that provided faculty with the opportunity to engage in strategic thinking about outcomes and revise course materials in preparation for changes to the Composition 1 (C1) and Composition 2 (C2) outcomes, as well as revisions to the courses supporting students' satisfaction of the systemwide Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR). Courses aligned with the campus's newly approved GE writing outcomes must be developed to be especially mindful of the student populations who struggle most to satisfy the GE requirements on time: first-generation, multilingual, underserved, and underrepresented students.

Specifically, funds were used to: (i) Provide support for faculty teaching recently ELWR-satisfied students in courses carrying the new C1/C2 outcomes; (ii) Create a logical and comprehensive trajectory of students' writing proficiencies from ELWR to upper-division courses carrying the Disciplinary Communication (DC) requirement; and (iii) Develop materials that can be shared with other faculty groups on campus.

Each workshop addressed a discrete set of outcomes: C2 (Winter 2017), C1 (Spring 2017), ELWR (Spring 2017). This pacing allowed those who attended all three sessions to "reverse engineer" their curricula by starting where students exited the lower-division writing curriculum (C2 course) and ending where ~36% of students enter (ELWR courses). 

Collaborators: Tonya Ritola (Teaching Professor), Writing Program Assessment Committee, General Education Committee, ELWR Committee, and Stretch Committee

Lead Contact Name: Heather Shearer
Lead Contact Email:
Theme: Transforming Classroom Pedagogy