Core Grammar: Use of Language for ELWR-Required Students

The Use of Language project was designed to assist Writing 20 students (Winter 2017) in honing their abilities to edit at the sentence level for grammar and punctuation through an online intervention “Core Grammar for College”—a self-paced set of grammar, punctuation, and style modules. The majority of students in Writing 20 are Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR)-Required students from under-resourced schools and historically underserved communities. Four sections of Writing 20 were selected, two of which used the intervention and two of which did not use the intervention. Final student samples were collected from all four sections at the end of winter quarter and were evaluated by Writing Program faculty according to a criteria-based rubric during spring quarter. Additionally, all students were surveyed about their experiences learning grammar and punctuation at the end of winter, and the four faculty evaluators were also surveyed at the end of winter quarter. Based on the results of both surveys and the rubric, Ritola will develop a set of recommendations for the Writing Program on how to effectively teach grammar and punctuation in Writing 20. Students' rubric results will be evaluated in September and a final report completed with recommendations for Writing 20 faculty who will teach the course in the future.

Lead Contact Name: Tonya Ritola
Lead Contact Email:
Theme: Transforming Classroom Pedagogy