College Frosh Post-Admission Calling Program

In the interest of educational equity, this project aimed to provide resources for incoming first year students to help them transition to UC Santa Cruz. To meet our goals, we had current students from the entering students’ College make the calls, with a particular emphasis on student from Local Control Funding Formula Plus (LCFF+) high schools. Students followed a script and were trained by three college advisers and two continuing student leads.

In total, 37 students made phone calls. Calls occurred over a 3 week period (evenings and weekends). In the end, the students made contact (i.e., had a conversation) with 344 entering students from LCFF+ high school and 555 EOP students.

All students who we attempted to make contact with were called at least 4 times.

Lead Contact Name: Regina Langhout
Lead Contact Email:
Theme: Easing the Transition to College