Strategic Priorities

Goal 1: Launch Strategic Plan for Student Success

Institutionalize a culture of continuous evaluation and assessment to embed student success priorities into the culture of the division, and develop a division-wide strategic plan for student success by the end of the academic year.
  • Establish a divisional assessment working group for evaluation and assessment projects with representatives from each unit in the division
  • Develop and begin implementing division-wide strategic plan for student success
  • Ensure the divisional strategic plan aligns with the work of the Student Success Task Force and the Student Success Steering Committee

Goal 2: Ensure Organizational Health and Vitality

Stabilize senior leadership for the division, improve staff morale and communications, and prioritize data-driven decision-making for all units to align priorities with the development of the strategic plan for student success.
  • Complete reorganization of Student Success and Equity units
  • Hire a new Associate/Assistant Vice Chancellor Student Success and Equity
  • Continue quarterly, division-wide professional development activities that align with NASPA and ACPA core competencies for student affairs professionals

Goal 3: Improve Student Engagement and Belonging

Provide services, programs, activities, and opportunities for shared experiences that contribute to a sense of belonging, affinity, and a vibrant UC Santa Cruz experience.
  • Improve communications with all inter- and intra- divisional stakeholders
  • Implement recommendations from conduct review and revise the student handbook
  • Pilot new strategies for protest and social change-making
  • Create a divisional student advisory board
  • Rebuild mechanisms for student feedback in the wake of the security event

Goal 4: Foster Student Health and Wellness

Sustain programs, deliver services, and influence policies that promote the mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being of all students.
  • Reduce risk, support staff, and improve service from Disability Resource Center team to align with ADA requirements
  • Continue implementing an equity-centered public health model to support student mental health and well-being in the return from remote instruction
  • Continue increasing access to basic needs for all students
  • Hire a new Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Health and Wellness position