Vision and Commitment

Vision and charge

The UC Santa Cruz Student Success Steering Committee (SSSC) provides leadership and guidance to improve outcomes for undergraduate and graduate students on our campus. We recognize that systematic disparities in these outcomes are rooted in lack of opportunity, poverty, and racism. Our approach to student success rests on three broad principles. First, we are committed to educational equity, addressing the needs of low- to middle-income students from historically underserved and under-resourced communities, students of color, and those who are the first in their family to attend college. Second, our focus is on the whole student, recognizing that success in the classroom depends on academic achievement as well as wellbeing and a sense of belonging both inside and outside of the classroom. Finally, we understand student success as a joint responsibility of the student and the institution, and we work to create institutional structures and conditions that support all students on their educational journey.

Our vision is to create an environment where students...

  • Feel they belong, and are welcome and supported at a campus with a positive climate;

  • Experience the same student success outcomes, including graduation rates and GPAs, whatever their identity, family income, or life background;

  • Are engaged and challenged by instructors who are intentional about pedagogy and focused on student learning;

  • Are healthy socially, emotionally, and physically;

  • Are engaged in communities and networks;

  • Have excellent and equitable access to educational opportunities and services;

  • Have transformative educational experiences, including co-curricular activities and community engagement;

  • Have a voice in shaping and defining how the campus understands and supports student success; and

  • Are prepared for opportunities after graduation that they find fulfilling, including employment, graduate or professional school, and civic engagement.

What we do


  1. Bring to the committee information about student success initiatives, successes, and concerns.

  2. Share with our constituents student success initiatives, successes, and concerns.

  3. Advise each other on matters related to student success.

  4. Work together (typically in subcommittees) to achieve committee and larger campus goals.

  5. Hold each other accountable and raise awareness on campus about student success, working at an institutional-level to effect change for equity.

The committee…

  1. Helps the campus construct its vision and strategy.

  2. Advises the campus leadership and others on student success matters and decisions.

  3. Connects and coordinates the campus's many units and organizations dedicated to ensuring the success of our students.

  4. Provides a forum for consultation and feedback.

  5. When needed, forms subcommittees to develop, coordinate and/or implement initiatives.

  6. Leads in advocating for policies, programs, and initiatives that foster student success.


SSSC membership is meant to be very broad, reflecting the full spectrum of areas that touch on or inform student success. See list of current SSSC members.

Membership consists of the following representatives:

Vice Provost for Student Success (Chair)

College Lead Preceptor*

Program/Departmental Advisor*

College Administrative Officer*

Academic Management Professionals representative*

Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

Director, Learning Support Services

Director, Student Opportunity, Success, and Equity, Arts Division

Faculty Director, Student Success Evaluation and Research Center

Managing Director, Student Success Evaluation and Research Center

Director, Institutional Research, Assessment, and Policy Studies

Global Engagement representative

Director, Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Director, Career Center

Director, Student Success Initiatives and Communication

University Registrar

University Library representative

Associate Registrar, Systems and Development

Executive Director, Student Health Center

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Achievement and Equity Innovation

Dean of Students

Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Advising

Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management

Special Assistant, Chancellor’s Office

College Provost*

Chair, Academic Senate*

Senate Committee on Teaching representative*

Senate Committee on Educational Policy representative*

Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education

Student representatives - Undergraduate Student Union Assembly and Graduate Student Association*

‘*’ means that membership regularly rotates. Each year the relevant bodies will be asked to nominate a representative to the committee.

Meetings and participation

The committee typically meets monthly for an hour and a half. In addition, the committee provides guidance and feedback by email when appropriate. Also when appropriate, subcommittees may be formed to work on specific tasks, projects or initiatives.