• In an effort to be consistent with the UCSC brand, we are renaming the SSC Campus web-based advising and analytics tool "Slug Success." The name change is very timely as the pilot is expanding both in terms of the number of users participating and the number of system functionalities now being us

  • Conduct research to improveĀ student success!

  • We are thrilled to announce the appointment of the SSERC's inaugural Faculty Director, Rebecca London. Rebecca will be joining Samara Foster, Managing Director, and Amy Hyler-Essig, Senior Systems Analyst, in the SSERC. Rebecca will provide the primary academic leadership for the center.
  • Since launching the first phase of the live SSC Campus production site pilot, the implementation team has been working steadily to increase site functionalities and expland access to more users. Below are the highlights of progress made to date and some near future plans:

  • Dates have been set and registration is open for SSC Campus Demos.

  • Today, the Student Success Evaluation and Research Center (SSERC) launched the first phase of the EAB SSC Campus system pilot in a live production site.